Tutorial – External Data Sources in SOAPSonar

Entering input values for messages can be a manual task. However, when a large number of input values are involved this process can be automated by using external data sources such as RDBMS, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or flat files that contain input values.  In this tutorial, we will develop a test suite that uses an external Excel Data Source.

 This tutorial is a continuation of SOAPSonar Introduction Tutorial 2 – Functional Testing and has prerequisites from that Tutorial (more…)

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Distributed Agent Load Testing

SOAPSonar Enterprise Server edition includes Distributed Agent Load Testing Performance of up to 50  remote agents per license. Each agent supporting up to 50 additional virtual Clients (virtual clients can be limited by physical network constraints and this should be considered in any performance test) Additional agents can be added. Agents can be distributed across machines and placed in multiple locations, yet triggered from SOAPSonar.  Distributing agents enables the testing of the impact of load on network and location. Ensuring the performance of client applications (Consumers) at their intended physical location, is known.

To get your agent working please follow these steps:

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