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The Data Economy is about generating value from the Production, Distribution and Consumption of information. In a connected world, customers, suppliers and partners expect access to information in real time, on the device and manner of their choice. Information shared publicly or privately across traditional business boundaries. Increasingly, applications source or Consume information from multiple, often disparate sources. Often refining this information further, and distributing or Providing this information for others to Consume. Confirming stock in a partners warehouse, getting traffic updates on your GPS, tracking a package, placing an order, transferring money, updating salesforce.com or tweeting a status all rely on Production, Distribution and Consumption of information in the form of API’s. The production and governance on the distribution and consumption this information requires careful planning and strategy.

Organizations need to unlock the value in their information and making it available for distribution and consumption in order to establish the position in the Data Economy. Refining and providing increasing value as part of the economic chain. Once these chains are built, they create a barrier to entry for competitors while driving new business. Information Consumed regularly, becomes very difficult to displace, especially if its impacts the infrastructure along the economic chain.

Like any business relationship, selecting information partners in the Data Economy, must be carefully considered. Whether Consuming or Providing information or doing both organizations need to consider the Robustness and the Governance associated with the production, distribution or consumption of these API. Poor quality APIs or governance will impact a corporations business, partners and customers in turn in the same way any poor product or service will.

Crosscheck Networks Canada business is enabling corporations to successfully establish their position in the Data Economy. From tools to ensure the production of Robust API and sustainable API to providing the Governance needed for distribution and consumption

Our History

Our mission is “To provide industry leading products to unlock the value in data and enable the Data Economy”. We provide a secure way for Information to cross traditional business boundaries, allowing the sharing of information between business divisions, partners, customers, device type, network or application.

Crosscheck Networks was founded to reduce the cost and complexity of building, testing and deploying Robust and sustainable Web Services API. In May 2009, Crosscheck Networks acquired Forum Systems focused on Web Services API Governance. As early visionaries, together they offer the industry’s leading solution to enable the Production, Distribution and Consumption of information.

Crosscheck Networks – Forum Systems is headquartered out of Boston, Massachusetts with offices throughout Americas, Europe and Asia. Crosscheck Networks Canada office is in Toronto, Ontario. Our customers consist of organizations of all sizes and industries and include some of the most recognized Brands.

Evidence of our leadership is in our rapidly growing customer base of over 50,000 customers in 41 countries globally with the Forum Sentry mediating over 1 Billion transactions every day. Unique in that the company remains employee owned with no current venture debt/capital while maintaining profitability since the 2009 acquisition.

Current Patents awarded include (other pending):

# 7,516,333 [Cryptographic XML Security Acceleration]

# 7,849,448 [XML Security Testing through Dynamic Mutation]

Crosscheck Networks – Forum Systems has a long history of vision, innovation and customer appreciation. This is evident in our relationship with our customers. This excellence in customer satisfaction, support and innovation is our culture and measure. Excellence we extend to each customer.

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