CLOUDPort – API Virtualization

Provides Virtual API Runtimes, Removing the Constrains of Physical Infrastructure



Traditional development relied on a development lab running the entire server infrastructure. Client or Consumer testing could only start once the Provider or server services where developed and installed. A single missing Provider or component resulted in development stopping. Development licenses, hardware, offshore development teams, 3rd party access, data integrity and varying component release schedules further complicated managing labs availability. In the Data Economy, the relationship between parties could be informal and depending on the nature of the relationship, access to this lab may not be possible. Companies wanting to move applications or Consume services from the cloud had little in the line of tools, to evaluate the infrastructure and impact this would have on users.

CLOUDPort enables the captures or creation of API responses, creating a run-time virtual service end point emulating a Web Services Provider. CLOUDPort requires no additional software licenses or lab infrastructure. Unavailable Web Services API or alternate versions can be made available for developers without requiring access to labs or sensitive data. Once captured, unlimited virtualized run-times can be distributed to 3rd parties. CLOUDPort shortens the critical path by creating virtualized services early in the development life cycle, allowing Agile teams to work on independent parts. Through workflow, Providers can be “chained”, to simulate real world scenario. Failovers, and remote cloud planning can be simulated and load tested.

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