Forum Sentry – API Governance

Real-Time Governance and Mediation on How API’s are Consumed



The distribution and consumption of information in the Data Economy can be difficult to manage with information scattered outside of traditional business boundaries. Organizations need to ensure that the right format, frequency and manner is used when Consuming or Providing information. Traditional network security has little impact, and a new approach is needed for protection from potential identity, security, privacy and other abuse. Sensitive information needs to be filtered, secured, encrypted and be regulatory compliant. This can be difficult with multiple data formats, authentication, keys, entities, policies and no common control point. In the Data Economy access needs to be as transparent as possible and the ease of doing business is important to success.

The Sentry is a governance control point between the Provider of a API and the Consumer, altering (mediation), routing, granting access, federating identity and other policy based control without impacting the the API or Consumer of the API in a simplified appliance based architecture. Reformatting the XML based message structure in real time. It is a protocol breakpoint, terminating traffic, then applying a rule set on the format of the API, how the API can be Consumed and by whom. The Forum Sentry does full message body inspection, REGEX expression matching and can restructure the message header or body in real-time. Filtering, encrypting, splitting, combining, or altering the message type at field level, based on defined rules. Security features include antivirus pattern matching, Intrusion Detection (with OWASP top 10 defense), alarms and centralized logging. Offered both as a purpose built hardware appliance with HSM and patented cryptographic accelerator or as a software appliance. Native Adapters and no coding configuration for both security and rapid deployment.

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