SOAPSonar – API Testing

Automated API Hardening to Ensure Robust & Sustainable APIs



Unlocking the value in data starts with the Production of Robust and Sustainable API. Traditional development and testing of Web Services API’s was tightly coupled with the client or Consumer of the service. Development and testing was sequential, requiring the whole application and the client to be complete and in place before testing could begin. The client was usually device dependant and Consumed services from a single location. This close paring of the server with the client allowed for loose standards adherence, shortcuts and poor security. New Clients often resulted in the need for new API to be developed with similar functionality, increasing, complexity and costs. With BYOD, Cloud Services, IoT, Big Data and the Data Economy, organizations are looking to produce a better standard of API.

SOAPSonar provides automated testing of each API independent of client, device or intended Consumer. Automatically generating a UI to provide immediate feedback to developers, testers, integrators, and security professionals. Validating each API independently shortens the critical path and supports concurrent Agile development. Fully automated, SOAPSonar requires no scripting or script maintenance, reducing time and skill level needed. Integration with variety test management software packages and providing detailed reports for progress tracking. Regression testing can be automated, providing early identification of changes to the API or versions. Support for message and protocol layer identity standards allows for cloud testing.

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