SOAPSonar 6.5.8 Released

Crosscheck Networks is proud to announce that SOAPSonar Enterprise 6.5.8 were released today.

New features include :

  • Additional fields to Performance tracing statistics file, now written as a CSV file (directly importable to Excel)
  • Transaction tracing for storing tracing information outside of the XML result file for higher performance and faster post test analysis
  • ‘Transaction tracing + Trace Errors’ option to enable tracing of all transaction success criteria, while also dumping error request/response data
  • Added pagination for performance tracing statistics analysis when option to write external files is used
  • User configurable setting under File->for the maximum amount of embedded data to store when using the embed data option on transaction tracing

We encourage all customers to update their version of SOAPSonar by selecting “Updates” in the main menu and then “Check for Product Updates”

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