SOAPSonar 7.0.1 is now available.

Crosscheck Networks Canada would like to notify all our customers and users that SOAPSonar Version 7.0.1 has been released.

To upgrade simply select Updates, Check for Product for Updates  in the main menu. This is a major update of SOAPSonar and we encourage all our customers to upgrade to the latest version to receive the benefit of both new features and a number of fixes that are rolled into this release.

Some of the new features include:

  • Added REST test case visual HTML Form Post builder (on the request toolbar) with streaming File upload and download support
  • Added new project and WSDL loading / sorting panels
  • Added comment support for previously loaded Projects and WSDLs to better categorize and recall
  • Added success criteria evaluation to Project View mode on the Success Criteria screen menu enabling design time rule evaluation
  • Added button to refresh project globals from file
  • Added support for an HTTP proxy for outbound requests in Proxy Traffic Capture tool
  • Added support for parsing derived by extension types across multiple schema namespaces
  • Added toolbar menu item for HTML Form Post graphcal builder to enable configuring www.urlencoded and form/post for REST test case types
  • Added duplicate project detection for non WSDL projects to enable merge or clear project options on load
  • Added support for defining cookie values on separate HTTP Header lines
  • AND many more


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