SOAP Tutorial

SOAP Tutorial 1 – Functional Unit Testing

Lets start with the most basic of testing, – Unit functional Test of a SOAP service. A similar example will be done for a REST/JSON service under the REST set of tutorials. Unit tests are often done by developers as and while they are developing the service, although there are many QA groups I have met that still do unit testing only. Most of this is available in the free Personal Edition of SOAPSonar. (more…)

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SOAP Tutorial 4 – API Workflow Simulation and Testing

When it comes to web services API testing in a very simplistic view, folks are divided into two different groups. One group of users is interested in simply having something to invoke the service, primarily for debugging purposes. The other group of users however is interested in more sophisticated and robust validation of API’s functionality. Crosscheck Networks focus is on Enterprise Level tools for insuring high quality of the end product – Robust and Sustainable API.

One of the fundamental benefits of a web services-based API is reuse and componentization. One web services call may however depend on the response from another.  The result is a meshed  or chained set of interdependent operations called in sequence. Automated testing requires test cases to be built, linking these chained services. (more…)

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