CLOUDPort 4.0.3 Released

Crosscheck Networks is pleased to Announce the release of CLOUPort 4.0.3 along with the new release of the free run-time agent. New features include;

  • Adds support for JSON detection and JSON XPath functions (converts JSON to XML automatically under the hood)
  • Added Matches Fragment function to XPath node fragment validation for XML diff matching of sub-node fragments
  • Added support for JSON to XML conversion with underscrore characters (_) when JSON contains leading numbers in object names, which is disallowed by Spec in XML

the release notes can be found here.  We invite all customers to update at this time.


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SOAPSonar 6.5.8 Released

Crosscheck Networks is proud to announce that SOAPSonar Enterprise 6.5.8 were released today.

New features include :

  • Additional fields to Performance tracing statistics file, now written as a CSV file (directly importable to Excel)
  • Transaction tracing for storing tracing information outside of the XML result file for higher performance and faster post test analysis
  • ‘Transaction tracing + Trace Errors’ option to enable tracing of all transaction success criteria, while also dumping error request/response data
  • Added pagination for performance tracing statistics analysis when option to write external files is used
  • User configurable setting under File->for the maximum amount of embedded data to store when using the embed data option on transaction tracing

We encourage all customers to update their version of SOAPSonar by selecting “Updates” in the main menu and then “Check for Product Updates”

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SOAP Tutorial 4 – API Workflow Simulation and Testing

When it comes to web services API testing in a very simplistic view, folks are divided into two different groups. One group of users is interested in simply having something to invoke the service, primarily for debugging purposes. The other group of users however is interested in more sophisticated and robust validation of API’s functionality. Crosscheck Networks focus is on Enterprise Level tools for insuring high quality of the end product – Robust and Sustainable API.

One of the fundamental benefits of a web services-based API is reuse and componentization. One web services call may however depend on the response from another.  The result is a meshed  or chained set of interdependent operations called in sequence. Automated testing requires test cases to be built, linking these chained services. (more…)

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Tutorial – External Data Sources in SOAPSonar

Entering input values for messages can be a manual task. However, when a large number of input values are involved this process can be automated by using external data sources such as RDBMS, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets or flat files that contain input values.  In this tutorial, we will develop a test suite that uses an external Excel Data Source.

 This tutorial is a continuation of SOAPSonar Introduction Tutorial 2 – Functional Testing and has prerequisites from that Tutorial (more…)

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Welcome to Crosscheck Networks and Forum Systems Canadian Landing Page. The Canadian team wished to create a local place for local interests. A community where we can address our particular issues on the manufacture, distribution and consumption of Data in the Data Economy. A place to meet the team, find out more about us, and who our customers are. A place to share technical tutorials, use cases, product releases, events, local trends and industry news. Over the next few months we plan on developing a couple of tutorial series, covering some basic and advanced functionality in our offerings.

Existing users, interested parties or simple industry professionals, if you are Canadian, join the community. Our blog page offers the ability to comment (email will remain private), so please feel free to make requests to us, share a use case or add your insight. We take requests. You can also follow us by subscribing to email updates on new posts (1 click unsubscribe), RSS, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Now this is a small regional site, personally maintained by us, and not dedicated independent resources. Looking for something that was on our corporate site, is still there.  But if you found this site, Welcome, eh!

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Distributed Agent Load Testing

SOAPSonar Enterprise Server edition includes Distributed Agent Load Testing Performance of up to 50  remote agents per license. Each agent supporting up to 50 additional virtual Clients (virtual clients can be limited by physical network constraints and this should be considered in any performance test) Additional agents can be added. Agents can be distributed across machines and placed in multiple locations, yet triggered from SOAPSonar.  Distributing agents enables the testing of the impact of load on network and location. Ensuring the performance of client applications (Consumers) at their intended physical location, is known.

To get your agent working please follow these steps:

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